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Respr Self Personal Air Purifier


  • It drives fresh air into your breathing zone.
  • Battery life is for 25-30hours.
  • Can be recharged by any USB charger
  • User friendly.
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, and mold.
  • Creates a safe and a pure zone around the head.
  • Protects from dust particles and keeps away from other allergies.
  • There is no much maintenance and easy to use.


Self is different from the other personal ionizers which attract partials near or to the respiratory system. This technology resists the partials away and creates an exclusion zone of about 1/2m3 around the head of the person wearing self. It results in material reduction of bacteria, fungi and virus which provides fresh air around the individual.

Self develops a powerful ionic wind, The SeLF repels all particles from entering your breathing zone and disinfect the few than can come through, thanks to an incredibly powerful ionization process.

The main difference is the power behind the self. The voltage it produces is approximately 20,000V, compared to maximum of 3000V for other products in the market. Most importantly it’s not harmful to anyone and it is completely safe for indoor use in occupied space.

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